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I just heard my least favorite roommate say she’s “going to live here until she gets married” which (1) what a lame way to put that and (2) exactly what I was afraid of. She needs to leave and give me this house. 




Christina Hendricks in her 90s teen goth days

I know there’s plenty of people who want to smooch Joan Holloway, but I just wanna grab a coffee with Christina Hendricks and listen to some Sisters of Mercy.

i literally just yelled “i know you’re doing something but this is important” to get my housemate over to the computer so we could sit in front of this together and go “oh SHIT. what a look WHAT A LOOK STRONG YES STRONG LOOK YES”

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Phantom Regiment 2014: Swan Lake (Black Swan)

Yes, do want. 



The official spokesperson for Italian shoe brand Superga in South Africa,  DJ and television personality Poppy Ntshongwana models her personally-designed footwear for the label’s spring/summer lookbook.

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Another great unexpected thing from last night: a very cute gay man complimented my skin. 

Quite hungover but few regrets. I’m not thrilled that a handful of other people I know observed/judged and probably were like “Oh I guess THAT is happening” but I guess I can live with that. 

L has been sending me flirty texts and fb messages for several weeks now. It annoyed me because it just seemed like mean teasing but it was apparently genuine attempts to rekindle…something? 

She showed up at the bar and we just talked and talked intensely and super quickly about common interests slowly drawing closer together and after about an hour of this she complimented my butt and then we made out. There was also some karaoke and we met a new friend from MN. L and I didn’t go home together. 

L is not someone I want to be in a relationship with, she’s too flakey. If this becomes a thing where we watch the Xfiles and talk about corporate Democrats we hate and make out/have sex every once in awhile that would frankly be ideal. 

[But if I ever type a similar post about my much worse ex R everyone please punch me in the face]

I also stole her spiked earring